Annual General Meeting 2017

Today’s Annual General Meeting of the Save Manston Airport association was a resounding success, attended by well over 100 supporters.

Manston is Coming Back!

By Bryan Girdler (edited for clarity):

Riveroak believe KLM will return.  They are also talking to Ryanair who they believe will also come to Manston if they can create the right upgraded terminal.

Riveroak are aiming to submit the Development Consent Order by end of July for a £300M Manston Airport.

Speaking today at a meeting of the Save Manston Airport association, Riveroak said: “We are there on Manston, ‘as long as it takes'”.  Working on the detail for instance of how to move earth around to build a hugely upgraded Manston, with many more aprons to turn around planes fast, new buildings for freight forwarders, with many new office jobs. They are aiming for 1 plane an hour, every plane brings money into Thanet, money brings jobs.

New directors have joined RiverOak bringing with them access to significant new funding.  Environmental studies underway this week will create a PEIR – Preliminary Environmental Impact Report which will detail, flights, drainage, truck movements etc for the next 20 years.

Lack of London freight slots is causing freight to go via Tunnel to Frankfurt and Amsterdam – this can switch to Manston. Freight is full in the UK, except Stansted which wants to use it’s room to it’s limit to increase passengers not cargo.

RiverOak spoke on the plans to build housing and about the planning application for change of use by the current owners, this has been referred to a public enquiry (in March).  This will be run by the Planning Inspectorate which have just authorised the section 53 order to allow RiverOak to start work on Manston.

RiverOak explained that the DCO gives them the right to object to the planning application and they will defend Manston Airport at the public inquiry.  They spoke on night flights and they confirm they do not need night flights to make their plan work and they do not plan to have night flights.

Sir Roger Gale spoke after RiverOak and he said the fact that the minister for local government was able to grant RiverOak access to Manston is very important indeed, the Government recognises this is a project of national importance.  It’s not about Kent, or local employment, though those are important, it’s now important for the whole country.