Local Plan Rejected

Councillors at Thanet District Council have voted against the proposed Local Plan which suggested building at least 2,500 houses on Manston Airport.

Despite a ‘Project Fear’ operated by leader Chris Wells and CEO Madeline Homer, 35 councillors (including 12 UKIP councillors) rejected the plan.  Twenty voted in favour.

The scaremongering threatened the involvement of Sajid Javid MP if the plan was not voted through, which would see “an extra 3,000 homes” needed if MHCLG got involved in Thanet’s local plan.

After the vote, Chris Wells said, “This was the most stupid decision councillors can make if they really want an airport”.  That’s coming from the man who was elected solely on the promise to re-open Manston Airport.

A report commissioned by RiverOak Strategic Partners shows that TDC can meet its housing quote without building on Manston Airport.