Cabinet Meeting to discuss Manston Airport

On Thursday 16th October, at 7pm, TDC Cabinet led by Iris Johnston will be meeting to hear the TDC officers’ reports concerning the application that have been received to be Indemnity Partner, and to consider their reccommendations to full council.

The Cabinet Ministers are :

Council Leader Iris Johnston

Councillor Richard Nicholson

Councillor Rick Everitt

Councillor Mike Harrison

Councillor Elizabeth Green

Councillor David Green

 This meeting will be open to the public, and there will be a pro-Manston Airport rally that evening, starting from 6pm.

Save Manston Airport group Special General Meeting.

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The Save Manston Airport group, with its ~8,500 members, will hold a Special General Meeting – open to all members – for the adoption of a Constitution, elections of the Management Committee and related purposes.

Venue: Newington Community Centre, Princess Margaret Avenue, Ramsgate CT12 6HX

Time: 2pm – 4pm (with possible over-run to 5pm)

Date: Sunday 07 September 2014.

For further details and information about why we believe Manston Airport can be a viable and successful airport, see the  Documentation pages on this web site ,and our Facebook discussion page at   

or telephone: 077912 72256.

The Thanet Gazette has published our joint response to Ann Gloag’s letter.

The Thanet Gazette has published our joint response to Ann Gloag’s letter in the Gazette.
Published as a near-full-page in Friday’s Gazette.
A Joint Statement on behalf of :

  • Save Manston Airport group
  • Manston Works group
  • Think Save Manston group

SMA brokered this joint statement, started by Alison Wilby, added to by Keith Churcher and polished by numerous people including myself, and Jennifer Maidman.
The Supporters of MA reply will be published next week, helping keep the pro Manston viewpoint alive.
Please go read. 

2014-08-15 - Joint reply header - P1190354_cr_en 2014-08-15 - Joint reply to Ann Gloag - Gazette - P1190353

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