DCO Stages

What is a DCO ?
Why Manston Airport ?

  • DCO –  Development Consent Order – the process by which RiverOak must submit their plans to the National Infrastructure Planners – and then the Secretary of State – to turn Manston Airport into a Nationally Significant project.
  • For developments that exceed a particular size, it is necessary to apply for Government permission (Consent), via the DCO route.
  • Manston Airport requires a DCO, as if it were to remain as small as it was previously, with no further  investment, it would almost certainly fail again.
  • The RiverOak investment in new infrastructure for Manston Airport is no longer predicted to be £300m, it will be £479 million ! And RiverOak are particularly targeting it at local firms and Kent and Thanet people.

Current DCO Stage :

PINS have now accepted the re-submitted the DCO for Examination, so :

DCO is now at  DCO Stage 3 – Pre-examination

i.e. PINS accept Manston is a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project, and that RiverOak have the necessary money to pay for it.

Phase three.pdf

Everyone who has registered as an interested party (you will have received confirmation from the Planning Inspectorate) in relation to the application now has the opportunity to provide a more detailed Written Representation, supported with relevant information and evidence. You should start to prepare these now ready to submit when the examination stage begins.  Written Representations must be submitted by the deadline of 8th February 2019.

The date for the Preliminary Meeting has been set for 9th January 2019 at the Winter Gardens, Fort Crescent, Margate, CT9 1HX with doors opening at 9.30am for a 10.00am start.

The next and fourth stage – Examination, DCO Stage 4, begins on the 10th January 2019 with an Open Floor Hearing  at the Winter Gardens starting at 7.00pm (doors open 6.30pm). There is a second Open Floor Hearing at the Winter Gardens 11th January 2019 starting at 10.00am (doors open 9.30am).

More details to follow.

A DCO has 6 stages

Diagram by PINS – please click on it to enlarge.

You may also find this short 6-minute video, produced by PINS, to be useful in helping understand the whole process.


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