Other Resources

Here you can find links to SMAa resources other than the documentation files.  If you have any useful resources to add to the site, please contact a member of the team.

Manston Timeline

A detailed analysis of events relating to Manston Airport in chronological order is available here.

Improvement to the SP05 section of the draft Local Plan

TDC Councillor Emails

An up-to-date list of all TDC Councillors and their email addresses can be found here.

Your TDC Councillor needs to know

Avia Interview with RiverOak

In Section  9 / Appendix A of the Avia report there is much more detail about RiverOak’s plans than is given in the body of the report

– See RiverOak interview : 2016-10-04-avia-riveroak-section-only


You can find various graphics relating to the SMAa campaign here.

SHP Planning

Representations made to the most recent SHP planning application can be found here.

Port of Ramsgate

You can find documentation related to the Port of Ramsgate here.