SMAa Writes to TDC Chief Exec

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SMAa writes again – the following letter was sent by Dr. Beau Webber to Madeline Homer, all TDC Councillors and the Isle of Thanet Gazette:

Madeline Homer
Chief Executive,
Thanet District Council.

Dear Madeline Homer,
In your letter dated 2nd November 2016, addressed to Mr. A Walker, of Bircham Dyson Bell, LLP, you write :

“RiverOak chose to provide only limited information to AviaSolutions when they were contacted by them during the preparation of their report. This is described at paragraph 3.5 in the report …”

This section 3.5 in the AviaSolutions Report is 16 lines long, of which you quote 8 lines.

However that is NOT where the bulk of the information that was provided by RiverOak and their team to AviaSolutions is quoted, this is given in Section 9 / Appendix A of the report, where there is a 63 line summary. For some reason much of this provided information, which is far from limited, including the figure of intended investment, of £300 million, fails to make it into the body of the report, or into your letter. However this information is stated clearly in appendix A, and we feel that this additional information, including this intended level of investment, should have been brought to the attention of the TDC Councillors. We trust that you will correct this omission.

On another matter, near the end of your letter, you write “I can also confirm that the Local Plan Working Group is not a decision making body either, so your concerns over the Group deciding to make any changes to the draft Local Plan are ill-founded.” In that case, can you please tell us by whom, and when, was the text prepared, that forms the draft Local Plan to be discussed at the Overview and Scrutiny Panel, on Monday 21st November 2016.

We note that there is minimal mention of the ongoing Development Consent Order (DCO) process in this draft Local Plan. Given the fact that this is a 6 stage progress, which began on 5th January 2016, and is now part-way through the first and longest stage, and in view of the fact that TDC is a Statutory Consultee of RiverOak’s DCO, surely this omission should be corrected ?

Dr. Beau Webber
Chairman, Save Manston Airport association

The section of the Avia report where they speak to RiverOak can be found here.