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Welcome to the Documentation web-site of the Save Manston Airport association.

The fight goes on to return Manston Airport to active aviation use.

The Save Manston Airport association ask you to join us at the following Internet sites :

The Save Manston Airport association is campaigning hard for the return of Manston Airport to commercial aviation use. RiverOak wish to have up to 14 cargo planes per day, during normal day-shift working hours, with passenger flight to follow later, as part of the Development Consent Order (DCO) with national planners.

Please sign up on the above Facebook group, and also go to the Membership tab on this WordPress site and sign up, so we have your details for SMAa reach-out and emails.

The association is continuing with its reach-out across Kent, for the next stages of Consultation for the Development Consent Order.

Please see the News tab of this WordPress site for more recent information, and the Documentation tab for extensive information on the fight to restore Manston Airport to active aviation use.

Thank you. Dr. Beau Webber, Chairman, Save Manston Airport association.

Believe it – Manston Airport will return

A Development Consent Order (DCO) is being sought that will have the airport land taken over by someone who has the wish, the money and the ability to develop it as a thriving airport.

  • HM Government (Planning Inspectorate) now decide the future of Manston – not Thanet District Council.
  • RiverOak are a great buyer with a fantastic aviation business vision and the money ready.
  • Regular meetings between Planning Inspectorate and RiverOak.
  • Major aviation businesses are keen and ready to come to Manston.
  • This can be the catalyst to put Thanet back on the map ! Generating full time quality jobs at an expanded Manston.
  • Now with dual carriage way and unequalled proximity to channel ports, M25, and Javelin train to London.

RiverOak are applying for a comprehensive DCO encompassing the compulsory purchase of the airport and the planning permissions required for the reinstatement of Manston as a specialised aviation agglomeration centre offering the following facilities and services:

  • a major international centre for air freight,
  • a reliever for the major airports of London,
  • an extensive aircraft recycling and engineering facility,
  • a base for at least one passenger carrier,
  • a flight training school,
  • a fixed base operation for executive travel.

Support Thanet’s big chance for economic revival

RiverOak have employed some very heavyweight teams to deliver the development and planning of Manston :



Professional Team


RiverOak Investments have been holding a series of informal consultation events during July, ahead of the more formal consultation process later in the year, to enable the local community to find out more about the proposals for Manston Airport and the DCO process.



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Please see the Documentation tab above for information on Manston Airport and getting it back into operation.

More documentation is always being added.  Please keep coming back.

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