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CAA Process

“Aircraft operate in either controlled airspace (like roads in the sky) or uncontrolled airspace (where they can fly freely). Within controlled airspace, there are flight procedures and flight paths that pilots follow to arrive at, or depart from, airports.


These are elements of the overall airspace design. If someone wants to change the design of UK airspace, they must submit an airspace change proposal to the Civil Aviation Authority. ”


The Civil Aviation Authority control the airspace changes that may happen at Manston Airport in Kent.

This CAA process is proceeding in parallel with the Manston Airport Development Consent Order (DCO) Process.

RiverOak Strategic Partners (RSP) are working with the CAA, following the specified progress, under the control and guidance of the CAA. There are a series of Stages and Gateways to be negotiated.

The CAA airspace change portal can be found here:

caa 1.PNG

The following document is produced by SMAa, and is a simplified aid to understanding the process, using the CAA’s own words :

This is not a legal document and if in doubt, the full CAA guidelines should be followed.

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