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About Riveroak Strategic Partners (RSP)

“Reviving Manston Airport as a successful and profitable airfreight hub, of national significance, with complementary passenger and engineering services.”

RiverOak Strategic Partners Ltd (RSP) has initiated a process under the provisions of the Planning Act 2008 which has lead to an application for a Development Consent Order.

RiveOak have now successfully purchased Manston Airport, so there is now no need for a compulsory purchase process.


RSP are engaging with the Civil Aviation Authority about the technical details of the airport and flighpath design, and further public, statutory consultations will take place in due course.

Development Consent Order (DCO) has been granted by the Secretary of State for Transport, to develop Manston as a thriving airport.

  • RSP are a company with a fantastic aviation business vision who have over£500m money ready to invest.

  • This will generate full time quality jobs at an expanded and state-of-the-art Manston.

  • Now with dual carriageway and unequalled proximity to channel ports, M25, and Highspeed rail services to London.

RSP have been granted a comprehensive DCO encompassing the airport and the planning permissions required for the reinstatement of Manston as a specialised aviation agglomeration centre offering the following facilities and services:

  • a major international centre for air freight,

  • a reliever for the major airports of London,

  • an extensive aircraft recycling and engineering facility,

  • a base for at least one passenger carrier,

  • a flight training school,

  • a fixed base operation for executive travel.

“We know that there is considerable interest in the formation and funding of RiverOak Strategic Partners, particularly the identity of our investors and we understand that this is born of a desire by many local people to feel confident that the DCO can proceed successfully and Manston can reopen as swiftly as possible.

We share your determination! The creation of RiverOak Strategic Partners meets our long held commitment to have a UK operating company. Our investors are represented on the RSP board by Nick Rothwell, Rico Seitz and Gerard Hüsler.


RiverOak Investments UK Limited has been established by our investors as a specific funding vehicle for their financial interests in the Manston project, which is standard practice. RiverOak Investments UK Limited is a company registered in England.

We have provided all required details of our company ownership structure to Companies House and also informed the Planning Inspectorate of the creation of RSP.


Additional, comprehensive details of our funding partners and investment arrangements will of course be provided to PINS as part of the DCO application, providing solid evidence of our ability to meet all of the financial obligations associated with the acquisition, reopening and operation of the airport.”

The formation and funding of Riveroak Strategic Partners, 29 March 2017.

Riveroak Strategic Partners Documentation

RSP have spent £millions on producing documentation for the DCO.

View it all here:


RSP have also been very involved locally, including sponsoring events such as the 'Margate SOUL Festival' as well as donating £35,000 (of the pledged £100,000) to the ITTWI: Isle of Thanet Trees and Woods Initiative


RSP have enlisted some very heavyweight teams to deliver the development and planning of Manston. Find out more on their website:

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