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stone hill park planning application

Stone Hill Park Ltd are accepting comments on their all new enhanced masterplan framework, which is currently being consulted at the grand total of two events in Thanet.

You can visit the website here.  The feedback form is at the bottom of the page.

As ever, the questions are heavily weighted in favour of their proposals, so be sure to make your thoughts known in the accompanying comments boxes.

Remember:  Manston Airport is designated for aviation only.  Please take this opportunity to let SHP know that their plans are not wanted nor needed.

UPDATED: The Great Strike Off

Trevor Cartner and Chris Musgrave, former owners of Discovery Park

It would appear that Trevor Cartner and Joseph (Chris) Musgrave have a better perception of their future in Kent than their spokesman, Ray Mallon. In the past few months, a number of their concerns have had applications for voluntary strike-off submitted.  Whilst not all of these are linked to Manston Airport, and the reasons for strike-off are not suggested, it would appear that they are starting to focus their attention – hopefully away from our Airport.

Strannex Ltd

This company was used as a placeholder for the ‘Stone Hill Park’ name before the Manston Airport site was handed over to the regeneration specialists.  It was listed for voluntary strike-off action last year, which was cancelled.  But now it is planned for strike-off again, of which action should complete after 18th September 2017.
Update (09/10/17):  Strannex Ltd was dissolved on 03 October 2017.


The role this company plays is unclear, but its directors are Pauline Bradley and Trevor Cartner, and its shareholding is split between Cartner and Highland and Universal Investments Ltd (Pauline Bradley and Ann Gloag).  It features in the joint venture agreement for the Flaxby Park project.  Strike-off action should complete after 13th August 2017.
Update (17/10/17): Dissolved.

Adriatic Property Ltd

We doubt this company is linked to Manston, more than likely, an attempt to start dealing in property in Eastern Europe.  Trevor Cartner and one other listed as directors, with strike-off action due to complete after 25th September 2017.
Update (10/10/17): Dissolved.

Highland Global Transport Ltd

Of interesting note is this company, which has filed for Insolvency in Scotland.  With Pauline Bradley and Ann Gloag as directors, this company is the ultimate parent for all the operation surrounding Manston Airport, holding 100% of the shares in both Manston Skyport Ltd and Highland & Universal Land Ltd.  With this in mind, the sale of these shares will inevitably now form part of a liquidation package as part of the insolvency process, so we could potentially see new proxy owners of the concern.  We wait to see what happens with this…
Update (09/10/17):  Highland Global Transport Limited have transferred their shareholding in Manston Skyport Ltd to another of Ann Gloag’s investment vehicles, Gloag Investments Group Limited.  No action has yet been reported on the shareholding in Highland & Universal Land Ltd.
Update (09/11/18): Finally dissolved.

Legacy Real Estate Ltd

This company, directed by Cartner and Musgrave, had links to the Flaxby Park joint venture agreement.  Only incorporated in 2015, it was dissolved on 2nd May 2017.

and one to keep an eye on…

Bambino Land Trust.  Not a registered company, but has visible links to both Flaxby Park and Invicta Asset Management Ltd (which is an 80% shareholder in Stone Hill Park Ltd).  Corporate land trusts are often set up, at least according to Wikipedia, “to compile large tracts of land without arousing suspicion or alerting people to their plans (which would cause the asking price to rise)”.

You can stay up to date with the Manston Airport Organogram.  All of this information is freely available in the public domain from Companies House (external link).

SHP Accounts Filed

Trevor Cartner and Chris Musgrave, former owners of Discovery Park
Accounts filed

The 2015-16 accounts for Stone Hill Park Ltd, also known as Lothian Shelf (718) Ltd have been filed with Companies House.

The accounts can be viewed in full here.

Abbreviated balance sheet (at 31 Mar 2016)
 2016 2015 
Fixed assets
Current assets
Cash at bank and in hand
Creditors: amounts falling due within one year(£1,108,329)(£2,598,085)
Net current assets£7,917,565£4,834,816
Total assets less current liabilities£7,917,865£4,834,816
Creditors: amounts falling due after more than one year(£7,000,000)(£5,000,000)
Provisions for liabilities-(£500,000)
Capital and reserves
Called up share capital
Profit and loss account
Shareholders' funds£917,865(£665,184)
Changes this year
  • The investment in the three holding name companies (Manston Park Ltd, Barnes Wallis Park Ltd and East Kent Sports Village Ltd) now represent a £300 investment and fixed asset cost for the accounting period
  • The accounts again confirm 100% ownership of the holding name companies
  • There is increased cashflow into the company this accounting period – mainly due to the income from the Department for Transport
  • Total assets less current liabilities have increased by £3,083,049 this accounting period
  • Net worth is now £917,865 (up £252,681)

TDC to allow Change of Use

tdc office

In a dramatic but predictable turn of events, Thanet District Council has voted to essentially allow the change of use of buildings on Manston Airport.

Tensions were raised going in to the meeting of the Planning Committee last night, because the Council had initially banned the Public and Press from the entire meeting, owing to a proposed secretive discussion on Agenda Item 7, regarding the Change of Use appeals for Manston Airport.  After RiverOak’s lawyers wrote to TDC, the public were admitted, although they were still asked to leave the Chamber for the discussion.

Agenda item 7 is restricted as the information contained within it is exempt under paragraphs 3 and 5 of Part 1 to Schedule 12A to the Local Government Act 1972 (as amended). Whilst the Council will always try to keep exempt information to a minimum, in this case disclosure of the information contained within the report would certainly prejudice the Council’s case and increase the risk of costs being awarded against the Council in respect of the planning appeal to which the information relates.

tdc planning change of use vote


Councillors at the planning meeting (pictured above) voted to reverse the decision to refuse planning permission for change of use, and also not to object to planning permission for the other three buildings.

Technically, this means that the buildings are not designated for aviation-use only.  However, this vote does not overrule the role of the Planning Inspectorate, who are overseeing the original appeal against the refusal.  A public inquiry is planned for January 2017.

Beau Webber, Chairman, said: “TDC Chief Legal Officer Tim Howes originally recommended excluding the public and press from the vital meeting on “Change of Use” on 4 crucial airside aircraft hangars /warehouses at Manston.

“Over last winter, Save Manston Airport association successfully, with the aid of pro-airport councillors at TDC, showed that these building were vital for Manston to remain a cargo airport, and had the change of use rejected.

“During this meeting Mr Howes proposed 3 options re how to proceed – option 1 exclude public and press from all the meeting; option 2, exclude press and public from just a key financial section of the meeting; option 3, have all the meeting open.

“Option 2 was chosen by the members. A white pages document was handed out, but there was of course no time to properly read and consider it, and prepare statements.

“So some discussion was in public, with a spirited defence of Manston as an airport by a number of Conservative councillors. Then the public and press were ejected.

“When we returned, a recorded vote was held, in which all the UKIP and Labour councillors voted for change of use of the Manston airside hangars /warehouses at Manston.”

Special measures

North Thanet MP Sir Roger Gale voiced disgust at the decision and said it is time for Thanet council to be placed in special measures.

He said: “This grubby vote, designed to head off the planning inquiry due to be held in January, flew in the face of what the people voted for overwhelmingly at the council and general elections.

“Every major political party – and most certainly UKIP and its then parliamentary candidate and Leader Nigel Farage, together with Cllr Chris Wells -stood on a platform, promise to re-open Manston as an operating airport and last night’s decision, although not binding, has demonstrated the degree of contempt in which their party holds the electorate when in office.

“Nevertheless, little has changed and the battle to save Manston as an airport serving Kent and the nation continues.I am advised that RiverOak’s investment partners – those seeking to invest hundreds millions of pounds in Manston’s long-term future- remain as strong and as committed as ever and the process for securing a development consent order continues.

“Thanet cannot pursue its desire to smother this national asset in housing without a change to the local plan which will be the subject of a full public inquiry and which will be challenged every inch of the way. This is just another Battle for Britain that Manston has to win.”

Sir Roger added: “It is time for local government ministers to intervene and fully consider the possibility of special measures. Thanet is out of control.”