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Welcome to the website of the Save Manston Airport association.

We have a DCO! 

The Manston Airport Development Consent Order was GRANTED by the Secretary of State for transport, on Thursday 18th August 2022.

After the last JR lodges by the antis was quashed, it is all systems go! 

No more legal challenges! The DCO stands!

So what’s next? The fight is not over until we see the first commercial flight land back at our new Manston Airport! RSP have some things to finalise: the CAA airspace change process regarding new, modern flight paths; the Manston Skills and Education board plans with schools and colleges; recruitment for building and training; and finally the DCO pre-requisites (though this is a simple box ticking exercise).

Exciting times are ahead, and we can all be very proud of what we, as a community, have achieved.


Dedicated to re-opening Manston Airport in Kent, SMAa comprises a community of about 4,000 people who have been campaigning since Spring 2014. We grow by the day.


We have presented 10,000 signature petitions about Manston Airport to former Thanet District Council leader Iris Johnston, and a petition to No. 10 Downing St. with 26,524 signatures. 

We have attended Select Committee hearings in the Houses of Parliament, and have built a community where lifelong friendships have been forged. 

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Manston Airport to open in 2028!

Development Consent Order (DCO) has been granted by the Secretary of State for Transport, to develop Manston as a thriving airport.

  • RSP are a company with a fantastic aviation business vision who have over£500m money ready to invest.

  • This will generate full time quality jobs at an expanded and state-of-the-art Manston.

  • Now with dual carriageway and unequalled proximity to channel ports, M25, and Highspeed rail services to London.

RSP have been granted a comprehensive DCO encompassing the airport and the planning permissions required for the reinstatement of Manston as a specialised aviation agglomeration centre offering the following facilities and services:

  • a major international centre for air freight,

  • a reliever for the major airports of London,

  • an extensive aircraft recycling and engineering facility,

  • a base for at least one passenger carrier,

  • a flight training school,

  • a fixed base operation for executive travel.

Support Thanet’s big chance for economic revival.


Let's give our young people


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