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Manston Airport DCO GRANTED

The SMAa Committee are proud to announce that after 4 years of hard work and dedication from all its members, and especially RSP, the Development Consent Order (DCO) has finally been GRANTED by the Secretary of State for Transport.

This go-ahead from the government now enables RSP to invest over £300m into rebuilding a state-of-the-art 21st century airport at Manston, which includes an air freight hub and passenger terminal, as well as proposals to develop aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul facilities and end-of-life recycling facilities; a flight training school; a fixed base operation for executive travel and business facilities for aviation related organisations.

We hope for the airport to re-open sometime in 2025.

This will create many much needed jobs for the Thanet and east Kent area, and will enable rejuvenation of the local economy. As well as jobs, SMAa and RSP have worked closely with local schools, colleges and universities to promote and advertise STEM and aviation-related studies, in the form of apprenticeships, the construction of an onsite-aviation college and collaboration with local educational establishments to create opportunity and experience.

We would like to thank our many thousands of members and all local people that took part in the examination for the DCO, and would like to pay a very special thanks to RSP, who have been in the fight with us from the very beginning, well over 8 years.

A special thanks goes out to our excellent MP Sir Roger Gale, for his tireless and relentless hard work during the campaign - keeping the government, all 3 administrations since this fight began, on its toes and informed as to the latest in our campaign.

Let’s roll on the big party!


SMAa Committee.

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I've just listened to the Transport Select Committee Meeting on YouTube and am amazed at how ill prepared some of those asked to answer questions on the purchase, closure and resale were. There were long pauses during the answers from Thanet and Kent councillors and Pauline Bradley.

On the other hand Sir Roger Gale, the lady representing the air shows and George Yerrall answered clearly.

So many of you have invested a lot of time over the last few years to keep this alive. I hope it's successful for the people of Kent but especially for you.


THE best news this year thankyou commitee and RSP for your direction and guidance in forging ahead. Its what Thanet needs a state of the art airport especially with a flight training school it will give much needed employment to local people and the up and coming youth today. I remember those nights on the council steps and the horn honking of cars shows if you persevere what can be achieved.


Absolutely brilliant news, after all this time, I am so pleased for all the hard work that has gone into keeping the faith that the airport will open again, Well Done!

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